Sonia and Kavya to move on!

Mollywood’s Chella Moll Kavya Madhavan and Tamil’s Kadhal Devathai Sonia Agarwal are the two heroines who tasted sour grapes too early in their marriage life. Recently Kavya Madhavan has applied for her divorce in Kochi high court. Following this heartbreak, even Sonia-Selvaragavn pair has applied for divorce under mutual consent. Despite the fact that both their marriages have turned to be a fool’s gold, they have fresh ideas for their professional life. Sonia has signed up as the lead character for a brand-new mega serial in Kalaingnar TV. Looks like the actress had guaranteed that she won’t pull back like how she did last time for the serial ‘Naanal’.
Meanwhile Kavya had also received offers from all the sides, and now she has signed up for a project with Major Ravi. Kavya will be cast opposite Prithviraj for this one. It’s heard that Kavya will be enacting the role of a CBCID officer while Prithvi will be doing the role of a black-magician. Experience tells you what to do and confidence allows you to do it. So, move on ladies

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