Kareena is out of the blue

Maybe, not opted by Imtiaz for Saif’s first home production ‘Love Aaj Kal’ would’ve got her trenched in disappointments. But she seems to be much vividly working for her best in Saif’s next production ‘Agent Vinod’. Out of the blue, she wouldn’t be spotted romancing her real life-beau.  Well, for a greater surprise, her persona in a vamp-kind of role where she’s supporting baddies would be something off-the-wall characterization in her career.  ‘Agent Vinod’ directed by Sridhar Raghavan, the spy-thriller does feature her in such a role that protagonist turns more perplexed about ‘To trust or not to trust’ situation.  The film will hit the floors lately by year-end all over the world as the story revolves around serial murder mysteries across London, Uzbekistan and Hamburg. As one of the Indian agent escapes from the clutches of baddies for spying, he informs about their plans of attack on India. This is where we’ve Agent Vinod stepping into the scene.

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