Amrita’s revelling in her post-honeymoon glow

Actress Amrita Arora is back and glowing after a three-week honeymoon trip to Europe. The couple, who travelled all over Barcelona, Paris, Italy, Capri, Venice, Florence and London, had initially planned to go to Mexico but had to ditch their plans due to the civil strife there. But it would seem Malaika’s lil’ sis didn’t mind the change of plans as she had a blast.

The actress reveals that they decided against the more comfortable mode of transport – flying – and opted to travel by car, boat, the Euro Rail and even a scooter! The only bump on their road to paradise was the unexpected change of weather since the sudden cold weather left them totally unprepared. The blissful bride’s hubby Shakeel Ladhak planned the entire trip single-handedly, and threw in little surprises like a stay at the Luna Bagliani, an old castle in Venice. And the young couple made it a point to include some cultural and musical discoveries in their trip, and of course they threw their diet out of the window with their gourmet indulgences. The happy actress is ready to get back to the business of acting.

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