All roads lead 2 Harihar Nagar

All roads for cinegoers in Kerala lead 2 Harihar Nagar. The film is a blockbuster and has grossed Rs 3.60 crore in 9 days, with a distributor’s share of Rs 2.12 crore! The film opened in 63 screens, but on the fifth day 11 more screens were added.

In Trivandrum it has grossed Rs 19, 80,460 from Sree Padmanabha and Parthas, and even smaller towns like Attingal, Nedumangad and Karunagapally it is going ‘Houseful’ even after 10 days. In small stations people are willing to buy a ticket and watch the film standing, something unheard in Kerala!

2 Harihar Nagar is definitely 2009 summer smash hit. None of other films released during the same period has been able to attract the crowds. Mohanlal’s Sagar alias Jacky, released five days before just could not stand up to the Lal directed sequel once it released. Theatre owners who were screening both the films shifted Sagar from the bigger screen to the smaller screen and replaced the bigger capacity screen with 2HN.

Suresh Gopi’s IG also went down to 2HN attack, and is now virtually out of the theatres, as newer Vishu films were released. Jayaram’s Samsthakeralam P.O could not get even one full house show, even during weekends! Dileep’s Moz & Cat released on Vishu day (April 14), took a lukewarm opening.

Once the voting day (April 16) is over, the craze for the film will only increase. As per trade pundits the next 45 days the film is going to have a golden run. It is summer holidays and the family and children have already made it clear that 2HN, is going to be their first choice at the cinemas. Meanwhile the entire industry is looking up to Sathyan Anthikad’s Jayaram film Bhagyadevata releasing on April 23, to put up some kind of resistance at the box-office to 2HN. The Malayalam film industry badly needs one more hit to salvage its position.

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