Prakash Raj’s divorce problems

Prakash Raj’s divorce issues are increasing by the day. Suddenly, his wife Lalitha Kumari has filed a petition at the Egmore Family Court seeking Rs. 2 lakhs per month as alimony!
Lalitha’s sister former ‘sex symbol’ and item girl Disco Shanti has given an interview to a Tamil newspaper lamenting the fact that Prakash is not providing any money for the day to day functioning of her sister’s family.
Shanti also claims that she is supporting her sister and kids by giving her Rs 50,000 to run the household!
What made Lalitha change her attitude towards Prakash, who has always been considerate about his two daughters? Disco Shanti in her interview has lashed out at Prakash and said that he did not care to attend any important family function like recently when his eldest daughter attaining puberty.
However, this sudden move of Lalitha and Shanti has raised eyebrows, as it looks like they are out to milk poor Prakash dry. Everyone close to the actor knows that he has always been a loving and caring father and has never ignored his daughters.
Let us hope Prakash is able to come out of this messy divorce and sort out all his problems.

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