Charmi is Dileep’s heroine

Dileep is one actor who has “discovered” many new actresses in the industry. His latest new heroine is Charmi , in Kamal’s new untitled film, which is starting in Ooty from September 4.
Charmi has actually replaced Mamta Mohandas who has reported “sick” and withdrawn from the film. For the last one week Kamal and Dileep were on a heroine hunt and finally chose Charmy, as the character she plays requires glamour.
Dileep has played hero to a lot of new girls like Manju Warriar (Sallapam, who later became his wife), Meera Jasmine (Suthradharan), Navya Nair (Ishtam), Kavya Madhavan (Chandranuddikunna Dikku)etc. He has given new girls a hit which established them in the industry.
Remember that Charmi had made her screen debut in Malayalam with Vinayan directed Katuchembakam years back before she became the oomph girl of Telugu films.

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