Lal for IPL?

This piece of news seems interesting enough for everyone in the South Indian movie world. Super star Mohanlal who is already into a multitude of business establishments, is breeding some plans to make an entry into the highly comercialised version of cricket, that is IPL. It is not yet clear whether he is planning to buy an existing franchisee or whether he will be there to start a new one, as IPL authorities are planning, nowadays to start newer franchisees. With Kerala stars like Sreeshanth and Abhishek Nayar around, it will be interesting to watch a Malayalee team in IPL shortly. Know who is joining hands with the super star Mohanlal in the IPL plans?. It is none other than his favourite director and friend Priyadrashan, who even faced minor eye injuries while playing cricket in his teens. If the plans of the star workout as expected, we are sure to see more film star led teams from the south Indian industry in a short while.

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