Katrina Kaif is over Akshay

Katrina Kaif is finally over Akshay Kumar may be this should make Salman Khan a little more than happy. After all Akshay and Katrina have been claiming that they are a lucky pair onscreen. However we wonder if this news will relieve Salman of any of his pain. Katrina Kaif who will soon be seen on the silver screen with Neil Nitin Mukesh and John Abraham finds this duo much better than Akshay Kumar. The actress claimed to be in high spirits in the company of her latest buddies, “I’ve too much energy and I don’t know what to do with it,” she proclaimed. Guess it’s just that Katrina finally gets to work with people her age? “I think so. It allows you to have a certain comfort level,” says Kat. “When you’re working with somebody so senior, who has achieved so much and has done 89 films, those backslapping moments aren’t there. That does not mean that you have to backslap your co-stars, not at all. But with actors of my age, our mentality is the same. There’s the ‘been there, done that’ element with the seniors. Katrina who has romanced Salman and Akshay in most of her films and given a whole lot of hits with the later seems to completely ignore the fact that they were a hit pair. With her next film being opposite Ranbir Kapoor, we wonder if Katrina will henceforth opt for projects with people of her age.

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