Akki! Nicholas Cage

You are famous and people recognise you easily, anywhere. That is some proud feeling. But people cheering you thinking you to be someone else is certainly an uncomfortable situation and gives an embarrassing feeling. Here is a humorous incident that proved ‘distant’ appearances can be deceptive. ‘Kambakkht Ishq’ team was shooting in the Hollywood Studio using the sets of ‘Fast and Furious’. The audience who had gathered there to watch the shooting thought it the original movie that is being canned and got very excited. According to the sources, “Seeing the Fast and Furious car and the set people confused Akshay for Nicholas Cage. They all began screaming ‘Nicholas! Nicholas!’ and waving excitedly at him. Poor Akshay! He did not know what to do but waved back at them, hoping that they would know that he is Akshay Kumar and not Nicholas Cage.” Wonder what the crowd would have felt when they realised their mistake? A case of wrong identities

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